Mega Man Legacy Collection Brings Challenges To 3DS


The Mega Man Legacy Collection appeared on PC, PS4, and Xbox One several months back, bringing the first six Mega Man games to current consoles for veterans and newcomers alike to enjoy. Now, as revealed in today’s Nintendo Direct, they are traveling to the Nintendo 3DS with some pretty snazzy features not yet seen on the other consoles.

A Museum Mode will be available, full of concept art and sketches, plus over 100 3DS-exclusive items and Mega Man historical tidbits. A new Challenge Mode will also be released on the 3DS version, including more than 50 stages of remixed gameplay areas for all six games. Scaling difficulty objectives mean that both experienced and new players can find a challenge to suit their level of experience and skill.

On top of that, remember the Mega Man amiibo? You can tap it using the NFC reader attachment for the 3DS or the built-in reader on the New 3DS to unlock 11 3DS exclusive challenges. Don’t have a Mega Man amiibo? You can pick up the regular one, or purchase a Collector’s Edition of the Mega Man Legacy Collection, which will come with a Gold Mega Man amiibo. It has the same functionality as the regular Mega Man amiibo…but it’s gold and shiny and exclusive, so collectors will want to get their hands on it.

The Mega Man Legacy Collection releases digitally on the eShop, as well as retail versions of the standard and Collector’s Edition, on February 23, 2016.