Mario And Luigi Paper Jam Unfolds In January


Both the Mario and Luigi games and the Paper Mario games have been well-loved by fans, so why not combine them? We’ve known about Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam for awhile now, Nintendo’s upcoming 3DS title featuring Mario, Luigi, AND Paper Mario in a platforming, puzzling, RPG adventure. In today’s Nintendo Direct, we got word of a release date, and it’s coming very soon! We’ll see Mario and Luigi Paper Jam hit shelves on January 22, 2016.

Mario and Luigi will journey through the Mushroom Kingdom on an adventure with Paper Mario, whose paper body can do things they can’t, such as fit through cracks and fold into ridiculous shapes. The Direct revealed that battles, taken in typical RPG turn-based format, may not be what you’d expect, due to the addition of Battle Cards. Battle Cards have many different effects, including powering up attacks, doing damage, increasing coins, or healing allies. Battle Cards seem to be used as items, but it’s not quite clear how much of the battle system they encompass yet.

You can use some amiibos to create Character Cards within Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam. Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Toad, and Yoshi are all compatible, and these Character Cards will have powerful effects in battle. There’s lots of cards in-game to collect, and you may want to try to collect them all.

Between the gameplay itself and all the collectables, there’s sure to be plenty to do in Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam. We’ll look forward to seeing it in January of next year.