Fire Emblem Fates Arrives In February, Has Three Unique Adventures


Fire Emblem Fates is unique in a way that will prove either monetarily frustrating, or absolutely brilliant. It’s actually three different games–two primary storylines featuring different sides of a huge conflict, and now a third one revealing secrets about the first two paths. The two primary paths are available as separate games for purchase, and the 3rd is DLC. It’s a strange way to tell a story, and we’re going to find out if it’s effective or not on February 19, 2016, as revealed in today’s Nintendo Direct.

Fire Emblem: Fates can be purchased either as the Birthright version or the Conquest version, depending on which story you want to play. The base game is $39.99. You can purchase the other side of the story from the eShop if you own one already for $19.99. Each story will feature some of the same characters and events, but with different backstories, revealing the motives and secrets behind each side. A 3rd DLC story, Revelation, will be available later to those who own one or both already.

Fire Emblem: Fates Special Edition is a bundled set including all three titles, an art book, and a themed Nintendo 3DS XL pounch. It will be available for $79.99. Nintendo has also promised DLC for the games–one new playable map for free, plus six more maps available later on to be purchased individually, or as a bundle for a reduced price if you pre-order it.

It all seems like a lot for a Fire Emblem title, especially given that Nintendo is asking more than the price of a Wii U game to tell the entire story. No doubt only playing one version will leave plenty of clues leaving the players wanting more. We’ll have to wait to find out if this is worth the cost, or if it’s just a poorly-disguised money-grab. Given Fire Emblem’s excellent storytelling in the past, we can only hope the former is true.