Dragon Quest VII Journey To The 3DS


During today’s Nintendo Direct, it was announced that the Nintendo 3Ds will receive not just one, but two Dragon Quest installments in 2016. One of them we knew about already–Dragon Quest VIII, which released on the 3DS in Japan in August of this year. The second, Dragon Quest VII, came out for the 3DS all the way back in February of 2013, and is slated for release in the west in early summer of 2016, to be joined by VIII at an undetermined point in 2016.

Dragon Quest VII was originally a PlayStation title, and tells the story of an unnamed Hero and his friends who travel to the past to discover that their world once had many lands that are all gone in their time. They seek to restore these worlds and their people in their own time by solving their problems in the past.The game was known for its enormous overworld and engaging class system.

Dragon Quest VIII came out first on the PlayStation 2 with gorgeous 3D models, breaking away from the top-down view of the previous games. The Hero in Dragon Quest VIII must journey to save a kingdom cursed when its King and his daughter must are transformed into a troll and a horse. Both Dragon Quest VII and VIII received excellent reviews in their time and are known as some of the best RPGs out there. If you didn’t play them when they were first released, this could be an excellent opportunity to pick these classic RPGs up and see what they have to offer.