Cloud Strife Storms Into Smash


In the dramatic conclusion to today’s Nintendo Direct, we learned that Cloud Strife, famous hero of Final Fantasy VII, will be the next character added to the roster of Super Smash Bros for 3DS and Wii U:

Let’s be honest: no one saw this coming. Final Fantasy has had very little to do with Nintendo consoles in the past, though the occasional Square Enix game will creep its way onto the platforms (such as Bravely Default or Kingdom Hearts). Though Cloud’s actual addition to the game is surely a ways off, his character already looks great in the trailer shown. Featured outfits include his regular uniform and his Advent Children garb, and his Buster Sword can do some serious damage.

Predictably, Cloud’s Final Smash looks like his iconic Limit Break–Omnismash. Toward the end of the trailer, he’s also fighting on a brand new stage! It’s Midgar, and it looks to be full of summons from Final Fantasy VII as stage hazards. We’re also getting Chocobo hats for the Mii Fighters.

We’re not sure when Cloud will make his way into Smash, but we may hear more details soon. There’s a special Super Smash Bros newscast coming in December of 2015, where we’ll likely hear more about this and other updates.

Cloud joining the fray of Smash Bros opens wide a door that we weren’t sure was open before–he has no close ties to the Nintendo consoles, and no one really believed a Square Enix character would make it into Smash. Will we see more non-Nintendo characters joining the battle soon? We’ll have to wait for December to find out!