World Of Warcraft Legion Coming Summer 2016


Fear not: It’s not as bad as September. At Blizzcon 2015 today, we not only received a release window for the upcoming expansion to World of Warcraft Legion, but we also got the introductory trailer, and things are heating up pretty quickly in the battle against the invading Burning Legion:

The trailer features Varian Wrynn narrating a letter to his son, Anduin, as he travels to the Broken Isles, the setting of Legion. His airship is assaulted by infernals and other fel creatures, and Varian provides background to his changing ideals as he aids and accepts assistance from in turn Sylvanas, leader of the Undead. This will be the introduction to the expansion, so it’s likely new arrivals to the Broken Isles will encounter the shipwreck, Varian, and Sylvanas. And of course, it ends with the window: Summer 2016.

There’s plenty more details about Legion being revealed now. The expansion will feature flexible questing, with levels of monsters and quests scaling as you travel so you can adventure in any order. New artifact weapons will also increase in power as you do, and will be with you throughout the expansion, even into the ten dungeons (five leveling, five max level) and two raids (seven and ten bosses, respectively). As things sound now, Blizzard’s prepared to wow and awe its audience, which may be necessary after a less-than-sparkling last expansion.

Legion is currently available for pre-purchase for $49.99 Standard, or $69.99 for Deluxe Digital including early access to Demon Hunters, an exclusive mount and pet in WoW, and exclusive rewards in Heroes of the Storm, Starcraft II, and Diablo III. Both versions will receive a free level 100 character boost.