5 Things We Enjoyed About The Star Wars Battlefront Beta

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#4 – Taking To The Skies

Many of us were skeptical when it was revealed that vehicles would take the form of power-ups in Battlefront. While this may still be a disappointment to a degree, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of fun that I had as the pilot of classic Star Wars vehicles such as the X-Wing and the TIE Fighter in the Battlefront beta.

Aerial battles are their own mini-contest, serving as a test in outwitting your opponent while causing as much destruction as possible. Many ships contain the ability to swerve or equip shields to avoid oncoming attacks, while you can alter your speed to help you gain control of the airspace.

Catching someone in your sights and sneaking up behind them is a satisfying feeling, while those who have mastered the art of flying have the ability to unleash a barrage of explosive fire on ground troops before pulling off aerial maneuvers that would make Han Solo proud.

Certain parts of the Battlefront community are divided as to whether aerial battles have been implemented well in the beta. While I’m still wary of the longevity factor in the forthcoming Fighter Squadron mode (which focuses solely on flying), I felt as though the aerial gameplay was well implemented in the beta.

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