5 Things We Enjoyed About The Star Wars Battlefront Beta

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#3 – Woah! That Got Him!

If Heroes transform you into Battlefront’s most powerful presence, then taking down an AT-AT transforms you into the most important.

Sure, you can assist your teammates in directing blaster fire at the AT-AT, but the best way to do it is to grab an X-Wing and get ready for one hell of a bumpy ride.

Flying in the vicinity of an AT-AT when its guard is down will bring up a small window in which you can attempt to perform the famous tow cable maneuver from The Empire Strikes Back, bringing the walker crashing down the surface. That’s no easy feat, as the entire field will be concentrating their fire around the AT-AT’s location, while the opposing team could bring you to a painful halt at any second.

Yet, if you’re successful, you’ll instantly become a hero to your teammates. You can bask in the knowledge that you’ve managed to outwit 20 other players, while becoming idolized by 19 others.

Admittedly, games such as Star Wars Rogue Squadron probably handled the tow cable element in a more authentic way, yet Battlefront’s mini-game execution doesn’t feel as tacked on as it originally sounds. DICE have accurately captured the feeling of tension, difficulty, and the ultimate satisfaction of a job well done.

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