An Animal Crossing Wii U Would Need These 8 Things

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Improved Online Connectivity

Animal Crossing: New Leaf did wonders for the online functionality of the game. Never before had it been so easy to invite friends to your town, sharing fruit and fun, and show off the house you’d paid off with your hard-earned bells. The Dream Suite was another lovely addition, letting you visit towns of friends or strangers who didn’t have to be around to show you the sights. Finally, the Happy Home Academy let you order items from the homes of people you StreetPassed.

But oh, we could do so much more.

How about letting us invite more than a few people into our towns at once–say, eight or ten people, and have a party or celebration? How about letting us share a snapshot of our towns online not just for looks, but so people can pick fruit in them and buy things from the store without necessarily affecting our game? What about mailing items to friends across games, or making it easier to give them gifts?

The Wii U presents wonderful possibilities for online Animal Crossing, and it would be a shame if this wasn’t used to its full potential. For instance, what if…

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