An Animal Crossing Wii U Would Need These 8 Things

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More Varied Holidays

I love the holidays in Animal Crossing. Decorations, special dialogue, party poppers, stupid hats. While the big holidays such as Christmas and Halloween have major events and activities associated with them, the minor holidays tend to be rather silly and missable. Plus, the big days have activities that only happen on that day, and as much as I love Animal Crossing, on Halloween, I’ll be devouring real candy, not video game candy from my townspeople.

The ability to create a set number of customizable holidays could help add more variety to the line-up, especially if you could assign certain “activities” to that day, town-ordinance style. A day where everyone has to wear purple clothes, or give each other gifts, or a day when we decorate all the buildings with flowers could be really fun, especially if we could invite friends to our celebrations. That, and extending the duration of major events such as Christmas a day or so in either direction, would make the celebrations that much more meaningful and accessible.

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