An Animal Crossing Wii U Would Need These 8 Things

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Full Control Over Town Design

I’m the mayor, dagummit. If I say you can’t built your house on top of my painstakingly planted bed of rare flowers, you can’t do it.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf added public works projects and some semblance of map control. You were able to decide the initial layout of your town, and then add things like bridges, a cafe, and decorations to fill it out. But still, villagers could drop their houses in the most inconvenient locations at a whim, and you were stuck with a few preset layouts.

The ability to completely determine the layout of your town might not work perfectly–trapping certain villagers on one side of the river, for instance, might not be the best use of your mayoral powers. But better control over where houses can go and the ability to rearrange at will would not go amiss.

Also, a little more space would be great. Make the town bigger!

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