An Animal Crossing Wii U Would Need These 8 Things

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amiibo Cards Bring Animals To Town

There are a loooot of animals in these games. Well over 100. The odds of getting a favorite in your town are incredibly low, and though “trading” villagers from a friend’s game to yours is possible, it can get complex, especially since there’s no guaranteed way to make someone move out. One way to fix this would be through the already-existing amiibo Cards.

Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer introduced amiibo cards with various animal villagers on them who can be added to the game simply by scanning their card. The same function could apply to a new Animal Crossing: allow animals to visit our town via amiibo card, then (if we have space) let us convince them to stay. It’s a great motivator for people to buy the packs of amiibo cards, and still carries a certain randomness to it that keeps people from locking in their favorite villagers within a day or two.

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