An Animal Crossing Wii U Would Need These 8 Things

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Improved Friendship System

This riffs a bit off the previous item, but currently the system of building “friendship” in Animal Crossing is vague and, at times, frustrating. You can generally increase friendship with a villager once per day by completing a task for them that may be as easy as “bring me a fruit” or as impossible as “bring me one specific piece of furniture you’ve never seen before.” Other activities may also increase friendship, but after three months of talking to Beardo nonstop, there was no clear sign I had made any headway. Dialogue hadn’t changed, and I still hadn’t received his picture.

A more intuitive friendship system would benefit a new Animal Crossing title. More dialogue options requiring you to get to know villagers better, and more activities with them would help, as well as some sort of marker or change to indicate how well they liked you. I’m not asking for a diary with colored hearts like in Harvest Moon, but perhaps certain conversations only coming available once you were friends could indicate better to me if I was wasting my time or not. One of the best parts of Animal Crossing are the adorable animal pals–a bit of polish could make their friendship even more valuable.

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