An Animal Crossing Wii U Would Need These 8 Things

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More Dialogue Options

Animal Crossing’s dialogue is delightfully silly. Villagers solicit your opinion on how to cook spaghetti and how their ridiculous outfit looks, share the neighborhood gossip, and comment on the design of your interior. For someone new to the series, the possibilities seem endless. But for those who have played a title or two, the dialogue can get canned pretty quickly.

There are eight personalities that a villager can have, four for each gender. After a few villagers have cycled through your town, the similarities between the personalities can become tediously evident. I would love to see 2-4 new personalities added to the game for some variance in villager dialogue.

Furthermore, I’d like more dialogue options for my Villager. Most conversations have either a “right” answer that makes the villager happy, and a “wrong” answer that makes them upset. More options to better define my personality and connect with my animal friends would spice up a new Animal Crossing considerably. And imagine if a villager remembered what my favorite flower was after I told them once, instead of asking me fifty times!

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