An Animal Crossing Wii U Would Need These 8 Things

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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer made its colorful debut on Friday to the delight of some series fans, and disappointment of others. On one hand, the depth of the design system and limitlessness of its possibilities for decorating are to be applauded. But the fact remains that this was not the Animal Crossing we were hoping for. Nor is the upcoming Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival the same adorable village building game we’ve come to love.

Going into E3, an Animal Crossing: Wii U seemed all but certain. Now, such a title’s existence seems dependant depending on when the NX makes its debut. Still, no matter the platform, it’s clear Nintendo isn’t abandoning Animal Crossing anytime soon, so a console version with all the bells and whistles we’d expect will appear one of these days.

Though the formula is tried and true, there are some features and functions from prior Animal Crossing titles that need some spiffing up before they hit the big screen, as well as other, newer features that would be sure to impress. Given that, here are eight features that a potential Animal Crossing Wii U or NX needs to truly shine.

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