NBA 2K16 Adds 12 New Classic Teams

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2005-2006 Miami Heat

Young Dwyane “Flash” Wade and Shaq only a year removed from the best shape he had been in over a decade? Yes, please. Gary Payton came over to get his ring. Alonzo Mourning was the veteran defensive presence providing significant support when Shaq went down with injuries during the year. Their regular season play was not fantastic with Shaq missing over 20 games during the season and they switched coach’s midseason. Their playoff run was absolutely terrific though as they beat a confident Pistons team and the Mavericks who had won 60 games that year. I cannot imagine what young Dwyane Wade plays like if he’s going to shoot 20 free throws a game in NBA 2K16. Also, think about this, Miami made what was the biggest trade in history at the time to get Antoine Walker, Jason Williams, and James Posey.

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