NBA 2K16 Adds 12 New Classic Teams

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NBA 2K16 is bringing a lot to the table in this new entry in the acclaimed basketball series. A fun addition they are making is 12 new, relatively modern, classic NBA teams to the mix this year. There are already a couple of NBA teams from the 2000s included in the game, but now we have a good amount more that are being added. Let’s take a look at all those that have been confirmed thus far.

1999-2000 Toronto Raptors

This is Vince Carter at his finest sky-walking transcendence. While many NBA fans often note Carter’s lack of big-time accomplishments, facts are he was a huge star of his own making. The 2000 year saw him do great things on an individual level. His excellence guided the Raptors to the playoffs. His individual slam dunk contest that year was outstanding. He dunked on a man over 7 feet tall with no guiding hand. This is a great chance to play as half man, half amazing at the height of his jump. Also, there was this guy named Tracy McGrady on the team. I heard he turned out pretty good. Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady in their youth? In NBA 2K16? Yes, please!

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