World Of Warcraft’s Next Expansion Needs These 6 Things

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Anything But The Murlocs

The four previous slides were all features I very much want to see in the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion. Of course, amidst all the interesting speculation for what comes next, there’s some ideas that, while plausible, sound downright awful. And there’s one idea that tops all the others for being horrible, bad speculation that should never happen.

I’m speaking of the Murlocs.

Murlocs have been rumored as a possible character race since Burning Crusade. If the Azshara/South Seas rumors are true, Murlocs seem a natural choice.

Please do not give us Murlocs. Those of you who think you want Murlocs: you don’t. They will go the way of the Gnome and Pandaran as heavily-mocked, rarely played races. They will get a little bit of lore in the Azshara expansion, and then be forgotten. Your transmogs will not look good on Murlocs. Murlocs will look ridiculous on mounts. What’s worse, their sound effects and voiceovers will annoy you. You do not want to hear your Murloc say “I can’t cast that yet!” over and over in a raid. Or, rather, “Ircrnltcrstr” …nevermind, I’m not even going to try.

Blizzard: Do not give us Murlocs. Please. Put as many as you want on the shores and coasts for us to fight. Make them questgivers. Make them a faction. Give us a beloved Murloc hero, if you want. But do not let us play Murlocs. We are not prepared.

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