World Of Warcraft’s Next Expansion Needs These 6 Things

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Garrisons, Part II

–wait! Don’t go! Let me explain!

Remember at the start of Warlords, when we were all really excited about Garrisons? How we thought it’d be real player housing? We were told we’d be able to pick our locations, design our buildings, decorate them in various interesting ways. That inviting other players into them would be fun and meaningful. And yes, all of those things flopped tremendously.

But wouldn’t it be fabulous if they used the same technology they used to make Draenor Garrisons awful to make real, interesting player housing? Player housing that met all those promises, and more. I’d happily go hunting across Azeroth for items to deck out my base. And even choosing from a preset batch of locations for my home away from Orgrimmar would be better than the freezy tundra I was dropped into on Draenor.

This is conditional, of course: Please give us a real capital city, this time. I want to hang out in my Garrison, but I don’t want to spend 90% of my game time in there.

An even bigger step up from this would be guild garrisons: a home that your guild could work together to decorate and hang out in. But one thing at a time. I’ll settle for being able to do something about all those spikes.

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