World Of Warcraft’s Next Expansion Needs These 6 Things

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Ending The Faction War

After three expansions of forcibly working together, a fourth expansion where one of the overarching themes was unity and putting aside differences, and a fifth expansion with near-constant reminders that the Horde/Alliance conflict was utterly stupid, you’d think the writers would stop trying so hard to write in ways for us to kill one another. I, for one, am sick of being forced to hate the Alliance by the game’s lore. I don’t want to massacre a settlement of Elves and Draenei and collect ten shiny pendants. That’s what the Iron Horde does! And they’re evil!

It’s okay if we get rid of the lore-based conflict and keep PvP in the game, seriously. It won’t cause everyone to stop suspending their disbelief: it’s PvP, it is what it is. But if I could spend whatever expansion is coming next fighting the real enemy instead of wasting time and resources blowing up innocent Alliance boats, I’d be much happier.

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