World Of Warcraft’s Next Expansion Needs These 6 Things

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Tasteful Retconning

The image above is from the Draenei starting zone, and the quest-giver is referring to the Exodar’s crash into Azuremyst Isle…an event which occurred in the Burning Crusade. That was four (almost five) expansions ago! Yet it’s treated as current by the place’s lore. It’s an extreme example, but there are other offenders scattered across Azeroth. Most examples are holdovers from Cataclysm, the expansion that revamped a ton of quests and gave the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor a huge facelift. Characters all across both continents are still trying to put out fires and fight wars instigated by Deathwing’s devastation. Stormwind, the Alliance capital, still has a wall knocked over. It’s time to repair it.

I recognize that this would be an enormous undertaking, and frankly, my expectations are pretty low. But as someone who enjoys revisiting old areas, it’s bizarre how broken and confusing the lore is now, with all the expansions running into one another as you pass from zone to zone. I can’t even imagine what it must be like for new players. Azeroth sorely needs a Cataclysm-sized retouching of its quests and environments to unify the story (some characters still refer to Thrall as the Warchief).

Will this be the expansion? Probably not. But a girl can dream.

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