5 Reasons Why You Need EA Access For Your Xbox One

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The Future

The future of EA Access is uncertain. The realist in me would point out that EA may be tempted to jack up the price of the service as they continue to add more games into the Vault.

However, there’s still plenty of reasons to be excited about the future of this program. In the last year, the Vault lineup has expanded from just four games at launch, to 12 games today (soon to be 13).

The Vault’s potential has expanded even further with the announcement of backwards compatibility on the Xbox One. Does this mean that EA could potentially use the EA Access platform to provide us with some Xbox 360 classics, from Skate 3 to Mirrors Edge?

Then, there’s the beta and trial opportunities. One of the most anticipated titles this winter will be Star Wars Battlefront, which will receive the usual free trial treatment through EA Access. Maybe we’ll even get some goodies such as free beta access for subscribers? Who knows?

If you’re new to the Xbox One family, then it’s a great time to get started. I know that sounds like marketing drivel, but its true. The Vault is full to the brim, EA’s Sports lineup is about to kick off for another year (so expect plenty of trials and discounts), and Star Wars Battlefront will be with us in the fall.

Xbox One owners, we’ve got something special here. Don’t miss out.

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