5 Reasons Why You Need EA Access For Your Xbox One

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Free Trials Of Upcoming Releases

The aforementioned EA Sports Season Ticket was a service on the previous generation of consoles which promoted its ability to offer trials of upcoming games to those who bought into the subscription package. With EA Access, the feature appears to have taken a bit more of a back-seat, but its benefits are just as impressive as before.

Well, except for one thing. Most of these trials are now timed. However, while Season Ticket was limited to EA’s sports lineup, EA Access offers the ability to play trials across their whole catalog. In the past, we’ve seen examples such as a 6 hour trial for Dragon Age Inquisition, and a 10 hour trial for Battlefield Hardline.

EA Access members can install the full version of these yet-to-be-released games (sometimes with minor restrictions), and try them for a set amount of hours before the game restricts further access. Better yet, EA Access owners don’t have to download the trials before the game’s release date if they don’t want to, they can try them at any point in the future.

Rory McIlroy’s PGA Tour is the next game in the upcoming lineup to receive the free trial treatment, which will offer 10 hours to experience the new golfing experience on current gen.

Free trials are awesome, and it speaks volumes that EA are confident enough in their games to give us access to them before their release dates. In an age where demos appear to be disappearing, its nice to have the ability to try before we buy.

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