The 10 Players You Meet In Splatoon

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The Artist

Not all Splatoon tropes are found on the battlefield. It’d be remiss of me not to mention what seems to be one of the game’s most popular features–the Miiverse connectivity. Miiverse posts appear in the plaza from players you splat with online. Some are enthusiastic responses to the battles; others make very little sense. Some are funny; others are downright weird.

But the really extraordinary ones are the Miiverse posts sporting detailed works of art. I’ve seen countless Inklings, squids, Spongebob characters, and other pieces with ridiculous amounts of detail. How anyone manages to do that with a stylus on a Gamepad is beyond me. But it’s these players that make a daily jog through my plaza worthwhile.

Well, that, and the Squidward memes.

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