The 10 Players You Meet In Splatoon

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The D/C

Whether through poor Internet, Nintendo server problems, or desire for a tasty snack or a bio break, this Inkling didn’t show up for the match. The D/C squid sits, motionless, at the spawn point and does absolutely nothing the entire match. Unlike Luigi, though, doing nothing in a Turf War or a Ranked Battle is the worst strategy possible.

Even one missing teammate can absolutely decimate your strategy. A new player who has never touched a video game in his or her life is more useful, because at least they can cover turf. With one person missing, you’re getting 25% less ink on the ground, you’re missing a body to leap to in the event of a death, and there are fewer chances to push the enemy back.

Equally disappointing, of course, is to achieve a great victory only to discover half the opposing team scored exactly zero points.

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