The 10 Players You Meet In Splatoon

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The Covert Operative

Excellent when left to a Remarkable Roller, but anyone with some good ninja skills on their equipment will do, Covert Operatives are excellent at sneaking around the map. Using only trace amounts of ink and hidden vantage points, these Inklings will sneak up behind the opposing team, and when they least expect it…bust out and splat an entire team into puddles.

Covert Operatives can be absolutely amazing, but only when supported by a strong team that can distract and hold the enemy at the center. By inking hidden areas on the enemy’s side of the map, they can blaze trails and sneak their teammates behind enemy lines as well. If their teammates can’t hold their own, however, covert operatives are either easily picked off and destroyed, or left alone to ink an area close to enemy turf when the opposing team has already taken over the rest of the map.

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