E3 2015: Here’s Your EA Sports Franchises Recap

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NBA Live 16

NBA Live 16 was the first in-depth featured title in the EA Sports E3 2015 lineup, as EA presented the games’ new features as they continue in their quest to topple 2K’s basketball behemoth.

NBA Live will offer players the ability to utilize the new GameFace HD feature, which makes its return to EA Sports, albeit as an exclusive to the NBA series. It will be implemented through a new mobile app, which will available in the near future.

EA’s basketball series will also see a number of other improvements this year. Physics-based movement will allow players to use realistic movements to brush past opponents. A new passing & catching system will help to refine gameplay, and a new shot system will ensure that players have total control when unleashing the ball towards the hoop.

We also got to see a new trailer for the game, which you can check out below.

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