E3 2015: Nintendo Predictions, Rumors, And Expectations

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Things I think we’ll see at the Nintendo briefing

  • Animal Crossing Wii U

Fans, it’s time. Every major Nintendo system has had an Animal Crossing game since the GameCube, alternating neatly between console and handheld. New Leaf for 3DS was a great success. Nintendo’s already added Villager to Smash, both Villager and Isabelle to Mario Kart, and announced Happy Home Designer and its compatible amiibo cards. With the possibilities of the Wii U and Gamepad at their disposal, the next console Animal Crossing stands to be the best yet, and we’re due for a reveal.

It would be an enormous mistake to not release a Wii U Animal Crossing title, and with the likelihood of the NX being announced officially next year, the timing is absolutely right. Most people’s Nintendo predictions this year have included an Animal Crossing Wii U in their lists. Let’s hope Nintendo doesn’t disappoint.

  • Donkey/Diddy Kong…Something

There’s something strange going on in the world of the Kongs in preparation for E3. Thus far, it seems to be only rumor, but we know a few things for sure. First, there’s this Tweet from Retro Studios, from a few days ago:

Retro Studios are the big names behind both the revival of the Donkey Kong games, most recently Tropical Freeze, as well as the more well-loved of the Metroid games. But then, we found out today that Nintendo has trademarked Diddy Kong in Europe. With all of these hints, the success of Tropical Freeze, and the silence from Nintendo on Donkey Kong games at last year’s E3, it seems pretty likely we’ll see something Kong-related at E3 2015.

  • Club Nintendo 2.0

Club Nintendo at last met its end at the beginning of this year, as we all collected our final rewards and said goodbye to the point system. Anyone who has ever owned more than one Nintendo system is well aware that their account system (or lack thereof) is abysmal. The phasing out of Club Nintendo has gotten everyone hopeful that something better, more unified, and more convenient might be around the corner, and E3 would be the perfect place to announce it. Please, please don’t wait for the NX on this one, Nintendo.

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