E3 2015: Sony Predictions, Rumors & Expectations

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Things I Think We’ll See At The Sony Briefing

  • Big Third-Party Holiday Exclusive

The unfortunate delay of Uncharted 4 means that Sony no longer has a big, system-selling exclusive title lined up for the holiday season (that we know of yet). While that didn’t necessarily hurt them last year, going without one for two years in a row isn’t a good idea.

With no other first-party games ready to go, I expect that we’ll see Sony open up their wallet to secure a big third-party exclusive of some sort. The latest Star Wars: Battlefront would be the obvious target, as would Fallout 4. Getting either game as a timed exclusive that kept the title away from Microsoft until after the holiday would be a major victory for Sony.

  • Guerrilla Games’ Newest Title

The maker of the Killzone games has been working a new project. There’s been some leaked artwork from a game that is tentatively being called Horizon, and it looks spectacular. E3 would be the ideal forum for Sony to finally give us some much-anticipated details.

  • New Quantic Dream Title

The studio that brought us Heavy Rain is working on something new, but we simply don’t know what it is yet. Two years ago they showed off The Dark Sorcerer, but that was a just a tech demo. They’ve supposably been working on a game using that engine, but nothing else is known.

Unfortunately, the French studio’s new game might not be on the docket for E3. With GamesCon and the Paris Games Week coming up, Sony may wait unveil the new game at one of those shows. If they do, then it likely means that the game won’t be released until sometime in 2017.

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