10 Things We’d Like To See In WWE 2K16

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#8 – Upgraded Career & Universe Modes

For years, THQ & WWE experimented with new single-player ideas, such as Road To Wrestlemania, and Showcase mode. These ran their course, and fans were clamoring for a return to a traditional career mode, which finally saw its return in WWE 2K15. Unfortunately, it lacked depth.

We enjoyed starting in NXT and moving up the ranks to become World Heavyweight Champion, but it was the actual story which was lacking. We wanted it to unravel each week, but instead we were forced to wrestle for no purpose (other than to upgrade our character), while the office explained that they had nothing for us.

2K shouldn’t abandon their efforts from 2K15. They have a solid base to build on, but we need a fleshed out story, complete with cut-scenes, social media interactions, and more. Let us walk around backstage and bump into other wrestlers like we used to. Let us challenge for some of the lesser titles, like the Intercontinental and Tag Team championships. We need a reason to fight each week, aside from upgrading our XP.

Universe mode is still our WWE playground, but it’d be nice to see more fan-interaction. Scheduling an entertaining match card for a PPV could generate more buys, and implementing Career mode’s five star rating feature for each match would be an ideal way to incorporate a fan-feedback element.

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