10 Things We’d Like To See In WWE 2K16

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#2 – Additional Match Types

Fans were outraged last year when reports began surfacing that WWE 2K15 was missing a large number of match types from the previous incarnation in the series. Not only were some of them missing, but many of the inclusions were not playable in certain scenarios.

For example – a ladder match was playable, but not in normal 1 v 1 matches. 3 Stages Of Hell and Casket matches were included in the 2K Showcase, but were unavailable in any other game modes. Tag Team matches were so restricted that Extreme Rules, TLC, Steel Cage and even Tornado Tag matches were no longer possible.

These add to a long list of features which were stripped from last years game. Understandably, 2K had a lot to prioritize, but the removal of the basics such as Handicap and Tornado Tag matches are a huge disappointment to long-time fans of the series. 2K16 is likely to bring many of these back, and there is the potential of some new additions to the list.

Some of the current match types could do with a few alternations too. Table matches have never felt quite right over the years. It is far too easy to place tables on the turnbuckles and spear an opponent through them, eliminating the need to set up tables in the middle of the ring. The addition of a No Holds Barred match last year felt unnecessary, and ultimately became a re-skin to make up the numbers.

Expect a much-improved lineup this year.

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