10 Things We’d Like To See In WWE 2K16

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#9 – Overhaul Of Online Features/Servers

WWE 2K15’s online mode was unplayable. Not only did it incorporate a matchmaking system with no lobbies, the gameplay was so unstable that it was almost impossible to keep track of the action on screen. Unfortunately, this led to players exploiting the pin system, instead of trying to wrestle a realistic match.

If 2K focus their time and efforts into their online servers, they will open themselves up to a wealth of opportunities. We all know how popular EA’s Ultimate Team mode is, but what if a similar style could be incorporated into 2K’s series? WWE Supercard on mobile devices has proven to be incredibly popular, and by adding a similar mode into 2K16, 2K could create an addictive feature to entice gamers back to the series.

WWE’s content sharing feature has been a huge success since its inception, but fans have been complaining about the online servers for years. Regular disconnections and error messages has become a normal occurrence when attempting to search for content.

WWE games have never been renowned for their online abilities, but hopefully 2K can use this year to finally change gamers perceptions.

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