10 Things We’d Like To See In WWE 2K16

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It’s time to prepare for another yearly installment of 2K’s WWE series. Trailers, press releases, and feature announcements will soon be prepped for their public unveiling. Last year proved to be a transition period, as 2K began an overhaul in their first full year of development since taking over from THQ in late 2012.

The change of development team, combined with the introduction of two new consoles to focus on, gave 2K a perfect opportunity to revitalize the series. They set out their ambitions with the release of a number of sneak-peak videos, which focused on the aging game play system, and the need to overhaul the in-game graphics in order to create a true next-gen feel.

For the most part, they succeeded. The gameplay felt fresh, smooth and more realistic. The graphics had a tendency to be stunning at times, representing a large improvement over WWE 2K14’s aging visuals. Despite these additions, which also included a new career mode, the game shipped with a heavily reduced number of features, and fans were disappointed to say the least.

Looking back, WWE 2K15 could be viewed as a solid base for the future, or a disappointment and failure to retain the core features, synonymous with a typical WWE release. Either way, this year promises to be an interesting one for 2K, as they look to push the series forward whilst winning back some of their disillusioned ex-fans.

With this in mind, I have created a list of the top ten features I would like to see from WWE 2K16. I will be focusing purely on the current-gen (Xbox One and PS4) versions, as last years last-gen release was a stripped-back title, with hardly any features from the current-gen game.

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