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Our MLB 2015 Predictions Simulation From MLB 15: The Show

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NL Central

2015 MLB Standings

  1. Cardinals 89-73
  2. Cubs 80-82
  3. Brewers 79-83
  4. Pirates 69-93
  5. Reds 68-94

The NL Central shows some interesting stuff hidden behind its banal results. Yes, the Cardinals make it to the postseason and the Pirates are back to their traditional losing self. But the Cubs come in second, and still fall short of that meaningful experience of postseason baseball needed to help propel their future. Much has been made about the status of Kris Bryant as a non-factor on Opening Day in order to manipulate his service time, but in the grand scheme of things it won’t impact the 2015 MLB season that much for the division.

St. Louis Cardinals

As always, the Cardinals treat their team with fairness and balance. It’s a shame that most other teams can’t get that, but when you have a team that essentially busts relatively few prospects and eventually their scouting department will consume us all, I have to note that the entire first page of Cardinals players shows nobody with an ERA above 3.90. Michael Wacha “Flocka Flame” leads the group with 25 quality starts that help his 2.75 ERA, low WHIP and high strikeout count. Even John Lackey, who will make league minimum this year, pitched more than 200 innings and gave up only 13 home runs, while walking just 48 batters.

27 was the operative number for the Cardinals. It is the amount of times Matt Adams, Jhonny Peralta and Matt Holliday each homered throughout the 2015 MLB season. Plus, with 5 players batting over .750 OPS, including Yadier Molina and Matt Carpenter, and you have to acknowledge that the Cardinals team is looking stacked. Holliday especially is hanging tough, knocking in 87 runs and scoring 81 of his own.

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