Hearthstone: After a Year, What Got Nerfed?

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January- Patch 2.1

This patch would finally address one of the most commonly used cards in aggressive decks.


Introduced in the Curse of Naxxramas expansion, this inexpensive card grew stronger whenever you played a Deathrattle minion. It was a very strong combo since its debut, but Goblins vs Gnomes introduced even more Deathrattle cards making the Undertaker even easier to use. The change came by way of only allowing it’s attack to grow stronger, making it relatively easy to kill off.

"Undertaker was frustrating to play against. It often gained both attack and health stats significantly above those of other inexpensive minions very early in the game. With this change, we expect Undertaker will still be better than other 1-mana minions when played in a deck with a Deathrattle theme, but more likely to die from combat with other minions."

Since its change many players have opted to no longer use the Undertaker, but it has fared much better than the Starving Buzzard.

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