Hearthstone: After a Year, What Got Nerfed?

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May – Patch

Unleash the Hounds

The first change after release came on May 8th, 2014 when Unleash the Hounds had it’s cost increased to 3 (up from 2). This Hunter-specific card saw wide-spread use due to it’s versatility and utility. It punished opponents who played more that a few minions on the board at a time, and could be combined with cards like the Starving Buzzard, or Scavenging Hyena to completely turn games around or seal an opponent’s fate.

Here’s what Team 5 had to say about it:

"“After much consideration, we have decided to increase the mana cost of Unleash the Hounds to 3. Unleash the Hounds has been dominating all levels of play for quite some time. This change should make the card more fun to play against while still allowing for some big plays when combined with other hunter cards.”"

It was a rather small change, thus the card saw only a small drop in its use. Unleash the Hounds was still a very potent combo when combined with Starving Buzzard(which Team 5 would eventually take issue with).

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