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Video gaming is, perhaps, the greatest interactive media known to man. Whether it be protecting the universe as Master Chief, surviving amid the post-apocalyptic United States as Joel and Ellie or defeating Bowser once again as Super Mario, there’s no better way to escape the troubles of life than by playing video games. 59% of those in the US play video games, and more than half of all US households carry at least one dedicated gaming console.

Gaming has never been as big a part of society as it has become today. That’s why we need you at GameSided to join our team and help us cover the ups and downs of the gaming industry as it evolves.

What We’re Looking For At GameSided

  • Passionate, articulate writers who are looking to find a great first step into games writing and criticism.
  • Those who can cover the news, write reviews, share their opinions on the gaming industry or any two of the three.
  • The capacity to write at least 8 posts per month, or 1 feature-length article/review per week.
  • Both genre specialists (sports, eSports, MOBA, etc.) and overall gaming fans.
  • An excellent attitude and the willingness to learn about the craft.
  • Living near San Francisco, CA or on the West Coast is considered a bonus, but is not nearly essential.

Our goal at GameSided is to tell stories, inform readers and breathe life into gaming news. Not only do we want to hear your take on a news story as it happens, we encourage it! Passion, both negative and positive, is what stops us from becoming an extended arm of public relations firms. Bringing your own voice to the pieces you cover is the most important quality we seek at GameSided.

What’s In It For You

Writers who join us will be paid $1/1,000 page views per month, as long as they hit 8 posts/4 feature-length articles per month and reach a minimum of 10,000 page views in a calendar month. Of course, we also provide our staff writers with review copies of upcoming video games, as this list of our 2014 reviews can testify. Furthermore, depending on your location, it may be possible to send you out on industry events in the near future. The more you participate on our site, the likelier each case will work out for you.

Finally, GameSided is part of the brilliant FanSided Network, home to 300+ different websites. 30 of those happen to reside within the entertainment world, including Winter Is Coming. The current GameSided editor got his start blogging about the Toronto Blue Jays for Jays Journal, with no prior writing experience beforehand. We currently have two staffers who are editors/co-editors of other FanSided websites. Former site co-founder and editor, Nick Tylwalk, even became the FanSided Entertainment Editorial Director within one year! Opportunity exists at GameSided, so make sure you don’t pass it up!

Interested? Want to know more? Fill out our online application. Applying is simple; just fill out the form and tell us why you want to write for GameSided. We look forward to hearing from you!

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact the editor to learn more!

-The GameSided Team