Ken Levine Working On New “Sci-Fi” Game


Bioshock creator Ken Levine is working on a new game, he has announced on Twitter:

Levine has been answering questions about his new project on Twitter since the announcement. GameSpot has compiled many of Levine’s tweeted answers on their website. IGN has also put together Levine’s tweets in a Q&A format.

Here’s what we know about the project so far:

Ken Levine was impressed with Shadows of Mordor, and it seems he’s intent on innovating for his new project. In his GCD presentation, he describes the concept of repeatable elements in gaming—hence his term, “Lego narrative”.

Back in 2014, Levine closed Irrational Games studio, the studio that shot the Bioshock series to fame. The staff was drastically cut from over 200, with a remaining 15 to continue working with Levine. The decision was based on wanting to pursue “a smaller, more entrepreneurial endeavor at Take-Two.”