Two Special Edition Bloodborne Bundles for PS4


Sony has announced two Bloodborne bundles for PlayStation 4 to be sold in Japan.

The limited edition bundles come in black and white, with an engraving of the title and the protagonist as shown on the game cover. The bundles will include the Collector’s Edition announced back in 2014, along with a headset and controller.

The Collector’s Edition, available for pre-order now and also available separate from the bundle at $79.99, includes a steel book case, a concept art book, a code for the digital soundtrack, and the game itself. There is also a Nightmare’s Edition, though planned for release only in Europe.

Sony’s Japanese website has detailed the bundles at ¥47,480 (approximately 400USD). They will be released in Japan on March 26. There is no word yet on whether these bundles will also be available in North America.