Pokken Tournament Characters, Details Revealed


This month’s Famitsu stream revealed further details about the upcoming arcade (and very likely console) game, Pokken Tournament. Pokken Tournament is a fighting game based on Tekken made by Bandai/Namco that uses Pokemon as characters. The stream, as reported by Serebii, confirmed several Pokken Tournament characters, revealed a location test, and some other details.

First, the characters. We already knew about Machamp and Lucario from the original trailer. After today, Pikachu, Suicune, and Gardevoir, have also been confirmed:

Next, some gameplay tidbits: The game will be played using a controller with a D-Pad and BAYX buttons. From the looks of the controller, it seems like we won’t have to worry whether this will make it to consoles or not–it’s already designed for them:

The game features various modes including Single Play, National Battle, and In-Store Battle. In battle, the background will feature various “support” Pokemon that you can activate with the L button for assistance in a fight. You can also use special moves such as Mega Evolution, and a Resonance Gauge fills as the fight progresses allowing for more powerful attacks when it is full.

Location tests will begin in Japan on January 30th-February 1st, and will cost 100¥ to play. Hopefully we’ll hear about a console announcement (or at least NA arcade!) here soon.

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