Splatoon Release Window Narrowed, Gameplay Shown


A new Splatoon gameplay trailer was featured during this morning’s Nintendo Direct. Unlike the other trailers which featured the main game itself, this one showed the main hub where you begin every game, and detailed some of Splatoon’s customization features.

Splatoon will feature a central hub where inklings from other peoples’ games will appear via Miiverse, allowing you to communicate with them. From the hub you can access allthe game modes, including online multiplayer.

Each inkling has its own weapon and outfit, which are purchased with in-game money earned from playing multiplayer mode. You can change weapons, clothes, hats, and shoes. Not only can you carry a main weapon at all times, but sub weapons carried by you can cause diversions or block an enemy’s path. Special weapons can be charged to inflict huge damage. Equipment can change stats, so you can focus on play style, or just appearance.

The Splatoon release window has been narrowed to May of 2015. You can watch the gameplay trailer at 45:36 of the Direct below:

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