GameSided Game of the Year 2014 | Honorable Mentions

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12 – Transistor (16 points)

How do you follow up a game like Bastion? For Supergiant Games, you create one worthy of standalone excellence. Transistor combines an isometric look, a colorful aesthetic and tactical RPG combat in order to tell a mysterious story. A talking sword and a woman who lost her voice. Who knew that it would be worthy of a place within 2014’s top dozen games?

In his review of Transistor, Eric wrote: “Transistor really rewards players who are self-motivated to find what has happened to Cloudbank and the best way to go about combat and experimenting with the different abilities to see what kinds of crazy combinations you could come up with. Again, it is a bit on the short side, but I’ve played plenty of shorter games well worth my $20 and Transistor is a great value at that price.”