Rumors: Animal Crossing Wii U, New Amiibo Info


A recent Reddit AMA thread gleaned some interesting information about the coming year for Nintendo, mostly about Amiibos but including a possible tidbit about an Animal Crossing Wii U. Though the source was anonymous and cannot be confirmed as official, Reddit AMAs tend to contain relatively accurate information, and nothing from the thread is shocking to the point of unbelief. Still, take what’s below with a grain of salt.

The AMA is through user CaptainDeadman, who claims to work in one of the largest stores of a particular retail chain that carries Amiibos and other games. Their store has a Nintendo rep, who he took questions for and asked in person, and allegedly brought back the answers. Most of the questions have to do with Amiibo, since the AMA is located on /r/amiibo, but some touch on other games as well. Here are the big bits of information that appeared in the interview:

  • No Amiibos have been/are planned to be discontinued–they will probably work “similar to the Disney Vault” where figures disappear for awhile, and then are reissued.
  • Nintendo isn’t producing the toys themselves and it is their first time doing something like this, hence why the releases have been crazy.
  • Amiibo cards are still being worked out, and will likely feature characters who aren’t receiving an Amiibo figurine.
  • Nintendo is discussing the issue of Amiibos being scalped and is unhappy about it. No solution as of yet.
  • Retailer exclusive Amiibos will continue, but may see a wider release later on.
  • More GC Adapters are coming.
  • 3DS Amiibo Reader will probably release after Wave 3, maybe with Wave 4.

And finally, the two most interesting tidbits. When asked if he could share who would be in Amiibo Wave 4, the rep replied:

"No, I’d be killed (laughs). I believe one or two of the characters have been leaked online though, if you want to search for them. I can say, that if you look at every wave that’s been released or announced so far, you’ll notice some patterns."

The rep was asked about a sandbox-style game for Amiibos, or Animal Crossing Wii U with Amiibo support, and replied:

"Oh, I’d love an Amiibo-specific game! As far as I know, one is not currently being developed, but that’s out of my tax bracket (laughs). But Animal Crossing is a given, for sure, probably sooner than later. Right now Star Fox and the Legend of Zelda are the major focus."

If this information can be believed, it means AC Wii U is already in the works, something we probably expected to begin with since every major Nintendo system has had one since the GameCube (and the Wii U would be absolutely perfect for one).

So, while by no means hard fact, this might give some insight into the current workings of Nintendo and maybe a bit more about what to expect in the coming months, perhaps even from the upcoming Nintendo Direct. An Animal Crossing game along with Legend of Zelda and Star Fox would help round out this year nicely for Nintendo and support those two larger titles in keeping the Wii U going strong.

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