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3. Transistor

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From the creators of Bastion, Transistor can be a bit confusing in the story department, but who cares when it is so good everywhere else. The isometric views and the music, oh my lord the music, is so great. The true highlight for me here though is the battle customization options. Each function has 3 different abilities it can give you and each active ability can be impacted by up to two additional upgrade functions. Then you have a passive function which gives you actions which act as you make your movements. Picking the right combination is the key to struggling or flying through this game.

I still could not tell you what the “Process” is but the story of the destruction of Cloudbank seems to follow some interesting beats. It draws you in not just to save the city, but to give you a background on the history of what led to the situation. That is good storytelling in the midst of some points I remain confused on at large. The small things are worth sweating over though. Each function has a story and you have to switch them around for it to be told. It adds just another element to an already wide-ranging and diverse experience in this game by pushing you to try new things.

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