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5. Destiny

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I think about writing more about this game practically every time I turn it on, mostly in a negative fashion. However, the game has provided me with what I have always wanted in a first person shooter game. A full fledged online co-op mode which works seamlessly and allows for me to communicate and vacillate between playing on my own and playing with friends. Normally, the distance, time zone change, and other life trappings would keep my brother and I from being able to talk for too long, but Destiny has provided me a way to not only keep up with him but to check in with other family, keep up with friends, and even make new ones. There is nothing else like it on consoles working as seamlessly.

Despite any issues I have with the game, it also cannot be denied Bungie put their foot into the gameplay of Destiny. It is still satisfying to catch enemies slipping with a throwing knife. Watching a character power up and take out a huge wave of enemies is still awesome. The sounds and the music and the vistas are still so good. If it had any semblance of a story, I likely would have made this my game of the year. Instead, I put it here as no. 5 for pushing the envelope in multiplayer experiences you can’t really get elsewhere on consoles this year. (Grand Theft Auto V is a remaster, so it does not really count for this year’s list)

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