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2 – Super Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U

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Above, I talked about Mario Kart and Donkey Kong being great games to play with friends, and they are. But nothing brings us all together better than a good round of Smash, especially now that we have the GC Adapter and can play with eight people comfortably handling controllers. If for some reason you haven’t touched Smash this generation, I highly recommend it. Its huge roster, fun stages, and piles of weird items mean there’s never a dull moment. And there’s tons of trophies and customization for character to unlock, so your efforts are always rewarded.

Single-player mode is great too, particularly in the Wii U version. Classic Mode, Event Matches, Trophy Rush…you can create custom stages, play a board game mode, hit the sandbag around, break targets, and so much more. Online play is great too, though admittedly could have stood for a system similar to Mario Kart’s to help match people a little more fairly. The 3DS isn’t quite as easy to play on, but its portable nature makes it a viable choice for matches on the go or while waiting in line somewhere.

With so much to do and excellent performance in every mode, Smash is the pinnacle of Nintendo’s range of titles that are fun for the entire family, all at once.

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