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4 – Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire

My Review

Everything I love about Pokemon, and a lot of what I hope for its future, was embodied in this game. Pokemon ORAS took the best of the series and of its original version (Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire) and brought it into the new generation. It tried new features, such as the DexNav, to great success, and tested the waters on slightly more mature themes and storylines, bravely walking the tightrope of appealing both to new, younger fans and the veterans who have loved Pokemon for years. The music and graphics were both beautiful and well-tailored to the 3DS, online play was great, and there’s an expansive endgame.

I reviewed Pokemon ORAS and have never found it so hard to keep my mouth shut about something. What X and Y started, ORAS fulfilled, and I’m hoping for a possible Pokemon Z or otherwise near the end of this year to complete the generation and answer the questions raised by ORAS (yes, Pokemon games with unsolved mysteries!). While not quite my GOTY, ORAS made me the happiest of all the games I played this year.

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