Kirby And The Rainbow Curse Amiibo Compatibility Announced


Nintendo has released a new, almost 5-minute long trailer for their upcoming Wii U title Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. The trailer is in Japanese, and mostly features gameplay. The most interesting part, however, comes at the end around 4:08, when Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Amiibo functionality is revealed. You can view the trailer here,

courtesy of IGN


Predictably, the Kirby, Meta Knight, and King Dedede Amiibos are compatible with Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, and seem to give Kirby a power-up related to the Amiibo that is used. The Kirby Amiibo has already been released with Wave 1 of the Amiibos, and Meta Knight and Dedede will be a part of Wave 3. Wave 3 will be released in February, and will likely come around the same time as Kirby and the Rainbow Curse on February 13 in North America. Meta Knight will be a Best Buy exclusive.

Hopefully Dedede and Meta Knight will be readily available, particularly with the surges of collectors preordering the figurines en masse and certain characters being completely sold out. For those who just want to use certain Amiibos with their games, the lack of stock can be frustrating. If you plan on picking up Kirby and the Rainbow Curse and want Amiibo functionality, I’d recommend getting a Kirby soon, and preordering the other two if you can. Fortunately, while Amiibos are fun and interesting to collect, they are never necessary to fully experience any of the games they’ve been compatible with.

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