Rumors: Is Pikmin 3 Discontinued?


As the holiday season draws to a close, Nintendo fans who have recently gotten their hands on a Wii U are bemoaning the absence of Pikmin 3, which doesn’t seem to be on shelves…well, anywhere. Threads in locations such as NeoGAF and Reddit indicated that physical copies may be gone for good, but there’s no confirmation from Nintendo as to whether there will be more. New copies are currently going for between $60-$80 on eBay, and many are considering Pikmin 3 discontinued.

Pikmin 3 is over a year old, and though it’s not as popular as Nintendo’s other hits, the inclusion of Olimar in Smash 4 and the Pikmin game in Nintendo Land might indicate that the series is reasonably well-known, as well as being unique in its play style and universe, so it’s rather surprising that the physical game has just disappeared. You can still get a copy on the Nintendo eShop.

In November, Shigeru Miyamoto indicated during a Q&A that Pikmin 4 may be in the works, and released several Pikmin shorts at the Tokyo International Film Festival in October, so the series is far from dead. Perhaps Pikmin 3 will reappear whenever 4 is officially announced? Or it could just be a low production level not making up for high holiday demand. Hopefully we’ll see more from this quirky series sometime soon.

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