Miyamoto Hints At The Next Nintendo Console


In an interview with ABC News, Shigeru Miyamoto indicates that Nintendo has a new console in the works. Miyamoto stated that Nintendo has groups currently dedicated to working on and producing ideas for their next hardware system, and that the next Mario games would be on the next Nintendo console:

"Since we first created Mario, people have compared him to Mickey Mouse. I’ve always said Mickey Mouse evolved with each evolution in animation. You saw Mickey Mouse each step of the way. From early on, I wanted Mario to be that character in the digital world, so that with each digital evolution, he was there to usher in the next era. I think that maybe when we release the next hardware system, you can look forward to seeing Mario take on a new role or in a new game.We’re focused on providing a robust line-up of Wii U software for next year. It seems like we’ve managed to do that this year and people are very happy with what we’ve done on Wii U. For the time being, our focus is on the Wii U hardware, but Nintendo as a whole has groups working on ideas for new hardware systems. While we’re busy working on software for the Wii U, we have production lines that are working on ideas for what the next system might be."

Though there are no specifics, from what Miyamoto has stated it seems that a new console for Nintendo may be closer than we’d think. As vague as “ideas” might sound, it’s hard to imagine Nintendo going two, three, or four years without releasing a new Mario Kart or Mario game. We do have Mario Maker and Mario Party 10 coming out in 2015, but other than that we’re not hearing much more from the plumber and his compatriots. Though we likely won’t see one in 2015, it’s completely possible that Nintendo will start unveiling new hardware, as always, much sooner than its competitors.

h/t My Nintendo News

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